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Other Projects

We are generally interested in topics in condensed matter / quantum information theory, especially in many-body entangled strongly interacting systems and how that entanglement can give rise to nontrivial physical properties or be useful for quantum information processing.

  1. "Loops in 4+1d Topological Phases", Xie Chen, Arpit Dua, Po-Shen Hsin, Chao-Ming Jian, Wilbur Shirley, Cenke Xu, SciPost Phys. 15, 001 (2023).
    (Studied 4+1D Toric Code with loop-only excitations, showed that all loops can be mapped into each other so there is no distinction between bosonic and fermionic looops.)
  2. "Out-of-time-ordered correlator in many-body localized systems", Yi-Chen Huang, Yong-Liang Zhang, Xie Chen, Ann. Phys. (Berlin), (2016).
    (Studied the relation between logarithmic information light cone and localization of energy)
  3. "Gapped Two-body Hamiltonian whose Unique Ground State is Universal for One-way Quantum Computation", Xie Chen, Bei Zeng, Zhengcheng Gu, Beni Yoshida, Isaac L. Chuang, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 220501 (2009)
    (A two-body Hamiltonian resource state for measurement based quantum computation.)